Embrace Life.


BuddhaToBuddha is pure in its extremes. No blending. No compromises. 100% passion and pride.

Discover more than just jewellery.  BuddhaToBuddha is a lifestyle, embracing life and its contradictions. Be present and be inspired to see the things you overlook. We are for the passionate, the creatives, the risktakers and the rebels. Explore the world, embrace the unknown and let life surprise you.

BuddhaCorp is the proud Official Caribbean Distributor and Authorized Dealer of this wonderful and ambitious Dutch Brand. Since 2007.

Chain Big, Buddha, Zonnebril
Batul plus Denise
Drie Nathalies

BuddhaToBuddha Store Curaçao.

We are BuddhaToBuddha's Official Distributor and Authorized Dealer Curaçao and Caribbean. Our authentic and beautiful store in Curaçao is worth your visit and attention. Just cross the Floating Bridge and find your way to the Renaissance Rif Fort.

A Wonderful Journey.

BonBini - Welcome

New Collection Out Now.

Our jewellery is not made to sit in a box. It’s meant to be unwrapped and worn. Cut the ribbon, tear open the paper, and show what you stand for.  Set the trends. Free Spirits. BuddhaToBuddha Store Curaçao.

Unwrapped. Stunning.

Unwrapped, rood
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